How to rent a flat in Vilnius?

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How to rent a flat in Vilnius?

If you are a long term student or want to move permanently in Vilnius then it is a good option to rent a flat in Vilnius. Renting an apartment is a better idea than staying hotels and hostels. If you rent an apartment then you can live with independence in your budget limit and can cook your own food with a separate kitchen option.

There are many options available in the budget limit of 10 Euro to 40 Euro/night for short term stays. As for the long term, you can rent an apartment starting from 400 Euro/month with monthly payments.

How to find a flat in Vilnius? 

If you are planning to move permanently here in Vilnius, then it is better to rent an apartment at first even if you have the budget for buying a flat. But to find the best flat for your living, you need to follow these tips to find a flat in your budget limit. 

Tips for finding a flat to rent

  • The first step before renting your flat is to decide on your needs. 
    • How big flat do you need?
    • Which part of the city would you prefer to live in?
    • How much is your budget? Do you need budget accommodation or do you have enough budget to get the most out of Vilnius while staying here?
    • Do the answers to the above questions match with our purpose of stay in Vilnius?
  • If you are planning to move for a long term in Vilnius, then start looking for a flat a few weeks before you arrive. Even though you cannot reserve a flat for such a long period of time, you will be familiar with the market situation, availabilities according to locations, prices, and the conditions of the flats for the value of the requested rent.
  • Social media is also helpful in searching for the rental home, but this way is not much credible. You can use social media to check the primary trend in renting, but you should not trust social media other than searching. Although there is a popular Facebook group named Foreigners in Vilnius and you can follow group posts as there are frequent posts for renting out rooms or flats.
  • If you have any acquaintances in Vilnius then you can use your personal contacts to get recommendations too.
  • It is always better to consult a real estate agent to get a suitable property. The real estate agent is the person who knows the area properly and can give you the best advice according to your budget range and personal requirements.

    Useful links for renting a flat in Lithuania

    There are many online websites available where you can search the rented flats according to your needs and budget. These websites are also credible and can provide you the best deals in terms of price-quality ratio. The most popular websites to check for renting a flat are:

Student Accommodation in Vilnius 

Flat or Dorm?

The majority of students stay in university dormitories, so you don’t need to deal with finding a place to rent. A list of dormitories can be found that link. A better option may be to seek advice from the University about a recommended dorm. 

But if you do not want to stay in a dorm and want more independence, then it is the best option to rent a flat or a room in a location that suits you. You can ask other friends to rent a flat together and share the costs.

The area may depend on the university location where you will study or it may depend on your budget. For students to have more budget flats it’s best to look in more far areas than the city center. Žirmunai, Antakalnis, Baltupiai, Karoliniskes, Virsuliskes, or Snipiskes are better-priced areas of the city for student accommodation.

You can use the above recommendations to get a rented flat.

Some Short-term rent options in Vilnius 

There are some short-term rent opportunities for students, which are readily available to them according to their required area and budget. After you arrive in Vilnius, till you find a suitable option for yourself you can consider staying in one of these alternatives for the short term.

As of the time of writing this article, some options were like the ones mentioned below:

Old town options; 

  • Lovely loft in the city center (23$/night, with 4.97 ratings)
  • Spacious old town apartment with balcony (26$/night, with 4.73 ratings)

Naujamiestis Options; 

  • Slippers B&B Hostel (9$/night, with 8.5 rating) 

Uzupis options; 

  • Downtown forest hostel & camping (9$/night, 8.8 rating) 

Zverynas options; 

  • City studio quiet 1 (20$/night, with 5 rating) 

Snipiskes options; 

  • City center apartment (38$/night, with 9.6 rating) 

Where is the best area to stay in Vilnius?

Vilnius is considered a very safe city so the area that suits your nature and meets the requirements for your stay is the best area to stay in. 

If you want to be near to cultural events and history as well as night-life, the old town is the best place to stay in Vilnius.

If your choice to live nearby the business district, the Zverynas area would be good for you as most of the big business centers are accumulated in this part of the city.

 In Uzupis which also just nearby the old town you can find newly developed luxurious flats. 

Where to stay in Vilnius on a budget?

The train station and Snipiskes area can be considered budget-friendly areas around the city center. As in most capitals of the world the farther you go from the city center the cheaper flats are available. Considering the low traffic volume living outside the city is not a major problem in Vilnius