How to open a bank account in Lithuania?

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How to open a bank account in Lithuania?

In case you are settled in Lithuania either for personal or business reasons you may need to open a bank account to manage your financial flow.

First of all,  opening a bank account in Lithuania is neither a quick nor an easy procedure. The procedure and the documents required by different banks differ in a wide range so that there are no standard procedures. The lack of standardization can be easily observed on each banks website also. There is the ‘additional documents’ item puts you into an unforeseeable state. You can only know what these additional documents will be only after having your first meeting in the bank’s branch. The thing is additional documents required by one bank can be much different than the requirements of another bank. 

The only thing you should make sure that you have enough time before you need any kind of banking services. 

Documents needed to open a bank account in Lithuania

Before you head to the bank to open an account you should make an appointment. You can find below the list of banks linked to their websites. You can find phone numbers on related pages to make an appointment with them.

For individuals

The main documents needed to open a bank account can be itemized as follows keeping in mind that there will be additional documents required by the bank.

      • Passport
      • Residence permit
      • Documents supporting the need for a bank account 

For Students

If you are a student of a university in Lithuania you may open a bank account.  You need to apply for the ‘Certificate of Student Status’ at the university you are studying. After getting your student status certificate together with other needed documents you can make an appointment at a bank branch which is suitable for you.

For companies

  • Company documents
    • Registration certificate
    • Articles of association
    • Related information, documents and passports of the directors, shareholders and beneficiaries
  • Contracts, business plans and other supporting documents 

Financial institutions and Banks in Lithuania