How to get to city center from Vilnius airport?

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How to get to city center from Vilnius airport?

You took your bags from the luggage delivery belt and exit the luggage claim area. You want to go to Vilnius city center. Vilnius airport is only 6 km away from the city center so going to the city center is quick and cheap. You have several options available.

So, how to get from Vilnius airport to the city center? The most convenient way is to take a BOLT or an UBER for about 6EUR or to take the public bus for 1 EUR if you don’t mind changing the bus at some point and walking from bus stop to your final destination.

What is the most convenient way?

The most convenient way is to request a BOLT. This option let’s you go until your door with a comfort of a car better than a taxi and a friendly driver. BOLT is a service very similar to UBER. To request a BOLT you should download and install the application. If you make it ready before you arrive in Vilnius it will be a time saver for you.

There is free wifi in Vilnius airport so to connect to internet and to use application is not a problem.

The upside of BOLT is that it is always available in a few minutes. UBER in Vilnius has lost ground after BOLT expanded rapidly. The downside is that their customer service is non-responsive to the complaints.

If you are going to use Bolt for the first time, you can use the BOLT discount code ZRMLD to get a free ride of few Euros.

Bolt app screenshot

What is the cheapest way to get to the city center in Vilnius?

The cheapest way to get to the city center is to take one of the public buses. You can see the bus schedule just before exiting out of the airport building. The bus stop is just in front of the terminal building so it will not take even 1 minute to get to the bus stop.

Bust ticket costs 1 Euro if you buy the ticket on the bus. Remember that you can only pay cash in the buses and if you need to change the bus at some point, you should buy another ticket. There are other options to make it even cheaper.

One option is to use an electronic ticket. You can install the application named Trafi before coming to Vilnius and buy your tickets using the application is easy, fast and much cheaper than buying the tickets on the bus.

Trafi application
Trafi navigation window

This application also helps you to navigate and find your route easily from any point to any destination you will be going.

Other one is to buy Vilnius card from a Narvesen shop and fill it with credit according to your ticket needs. Narvesen shop is located in the arrivals floor as well as on departures floor. But it doesn’t make sense to waste time in the airport for a couple of cents.

In case you are going to central train or bus station, you may consider taking the train also. It’s even cheaper than 1 Euro and takes you to the central station in a couple of minutes. The downside is that the schedule is every 40 minutes which can be frustrating to wait to some people.

What is the fastest way to get to Vilnius city center?

If you are in such a rush that you don’t have a few minutes to wait for a Bolt and the cost of transportation is not a problem for you than you can take a taxi. There are many taxis waiting in the line just outside the terminal. And in one minute you are on the way to your destination address. As in most parts of the world, you should be careful about how much you will pay. Even though there are flat rates extremely high to some points in the city, it is a common practice that even this price increases when your address is not one of these exact points even though the distance is shorter.