How to get an m-Signature in Lithuania

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How to get an e-Signature in Lithuania

It is very easy to get an e-signature in mobile telecom company branches.

How to get an e-signature?

Tele2, Telia and Bite can provide you e-signature with a mobile signing tool (m-signature). All you need to do is to visit one of the branches of your mobile operator and have your ID ready with you. Don’t forget that you should have a Lithuanian personal code (asmenis kodas) to be able to get an m-signature.

How much does an m-signature cost?

At the time of writing this article the cost of m-signature was 0,40 EUR/month for postpaid plans, and 15 EUR/5 years for prepaid plans in Tele2. In conclusion, m-signature is not a free service. But, the cost is very little if you will use it regularly.

Electronic signature (e-signature) vs Mobile signature (m-signature)

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. However, to be acceptable, it should adhere to the requirements of the specific regulation under which it was created.

So basically, when you need to prove your identity and sign a document by pen, e-signature is the equivalent of this procedure. The difference is that this signature is in an electronic medium like the internet or other documents prepared accordingly to be signed by e-signature.

What is a mobile signature?

You need a tool to put your electronic signature on an electronic document. For instance, when you use your mobile phone as a tool to sign electronically, this is called a mobile signature (m-signature)

Where do you need to use e-signature?

An electronic signature is getting more and more wide area of need. You can use m-signature in banks, government-related log-ins and signatures as well as other electronic transactions that need your signature. 

At the moment in Lithuania all major banks like SEB Bank, Swedbank, DNB Bank, Danske Bank, Medicinos Bankas, Nordea Bank, Šiaulių Bankas are compatible m-signature authorization.

Government institutions like SODRA (Social Security Administration), VMI (Tax Authority) and Registry Centre are the most widely known institutions which are m-signature authorization.

For example, if you need to exchange your driving license with a Lithuanian one, you can also use your e-signature to enroll in related exams.