How to get a driving licence in Vilnius

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How to get (exchange) a driving licence in Vilnius

Important to know:

Although the information given here about getting a driving licence in Vilnius is correct on the date of writing this article, things may change by the time you will apply for a driving licence test. It will be the best practice to go to a Regitra office to get the latest information regarding your situation. 

There are countries exempt from tests, there are others that the existing licence isn’t recognized by Lithuania so you are required to have an international driving licence to proceed with your exam application. All information related to these issues and more can be obtained from a Regitra office.

More important to know:

Neither the website nor the call centre of Regitra is reliable for some information to obtain. We strongly recommend to give a visit to a Regitra office and get information personally. In Regitra, they will check your existing driving licence and inform you much better related to your specific condition.

How to exchange a driving licence issued by another EU country?

In case you have a driving licence issued in a European country other than Lithuania you can use it till the expiration day. When the time comes to renew your licence, you can renew your driving licence in Vilnius easily without the need of taking any driving exams. You should prove that you live in Lithuania minimum 185 days a year either by a declared residence document or other documents like a work contract, your child’s school registration document etc.

All you need to do is to go to a Regitra office with the required documents.

These documents are a health certificate and your ID. 

How to exchange a driving licence issued by a non-EU country?

If you are officially residing in Lithuania minimum 185 days a year then you must get a Lithuanian driving licence. This means, if you already have a driving licence issued by a non-EU country, you should exchange your driving licence with the Lithuanian one. 

To exchange your licence you should take a theory and a practical driving test.

How to apply for the theory test for a driving licence?

Requirements to take the theory test

  1. Valid driving licence issued by a non-EU country
  2. Medical certificate
    This is a certificate showing if the person has any treatment related to addiction problems. You can find details and locations for getting your certificate in this link.
  3. Health certificate
    You can get your health check in the public polyclinic where you have registered. You can also get this certificate in a private clinic by paying the related fees to the clinic. Public clinic costs are much lower than in private clinics.
  4. First aid certificate
    First aid certificates can be obtained from some clinics. You should contact a clinic for requirements to obtain your first-aid certificate.

Once you have all the required documents ready, you can apply for the theory test online via Regitra website. 

How to apply for a practical driving test for a driving licence?

Once you have completed the theory test successfully you can apply for a driving exam. The registration is done online on Regitra website

Requirements to take the practical driving test

  1. You should have passed the theory test successfully not earlier than 1 year from the date of the practical driving exam. The theory test results are valid for one year.
  2. You should have an official translation of your existing driving licence. Make sure that your existing driving licence meets the international standards otherwise you should obtain an international driving licence.