Best Places to Buy Electronic Devices in Lithuania

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Electronic devices such as:

  • phones 
  • laptops 
  • computers 
  • TV sets 
  • sound systems 

are the essentials of modern daily life. They all need to be updated when the time comes.  If you are a foreigner in Lithuania and new to electronic appliances shopping in this country you will quickly realize that there are no big and famous electronics chains in Europe or America like MediaMarkt, Euronics, or B&H. 

You may want to know what shops serve you the electronic products that you want for prices worth paying. 

There are many online retailers for electronics and fewer stores that you can visit and see the product before you buy. 

Before buying what you need make sure that it is available in the market. If you will buy a popular brand and a model it will not be a problem for you to find what you are looking for. In case you are looking for a less popular specific product, there are chances that you may not find it easily. It is always a good idea to keep in mind second or third options in case you cannot find your first choice available in Lithuania.

Price comparison sites

The best way to check if the availability and the price of the item you are looking for is to use a local price comparison site.

There are two main price comparison websites in Lithuania that give you the comfort of checking the price of the product you want to buy from the different stores.

These websites are and

When entering the product name and model into the search box you get a list of shops and the prices of the product you want to buy. Sometimes there may be up to twenty shops on the list offering the electronics product you want to buy. All you need to click on the link and check the delivery options before you buy.

Mostly, the electronics shops listed with the offered prices do not have physical stores nearby or at all. Buying from a trusted shop would be good for preventing possible future problems especially taking into consideration the language barrier you have.

There are pros and cons to using these types of price comparison services

+Pros+ -Cons-
Gives an idea if the item is available in Lithuania Even the price comes it is needed to double-check if the item is really in stock
Cheapest option can be found easily Unknown stores without physical locations may be hard to deal with in case of a need
Saves time for searching for the product you want Delivery and return options may be limited

Best Online Stores to Buy Home Electronics in Lithuania

There are many online stores that supply electronics like mobile phones, computers, TV sets. The thing is, it is always an issue to communicate with people in case they do not speak English well enough. So we will give three of the online stores that we had a good experience with in the past and we can easily suggest. This does not mean that the others are not good or better but we do not have a history with them.

These stores either deliver your purchased items to your address or to a pick-up box nearby your address with an extra few euros. If you choose to take your order from their pick-up locations in the city there will be no delivery charge.


Best Places to Buy Phone, Computer, Laptop, TV in Vilnius

When it comes to buying electronics like phones, laptops, TV sets or any other home appliance, it is always a good idea to see and feel the item before you buy it. 

There are some store brands that have branches all over Vilnius and Lithuania. 

Topo Centras, Elektromarkt and Technorama have branches all over the city which you can easily reach. Getting to a store doesn’t exactly mean the store has the stock for the product that you are looking for. It is better to check the product availability in the specific store that you will give a visit to before you get there. It is a common issue that you may not find what you want at all stores at all times. Even though if there is only one item left, don’t be surprised if it is the one which on the display shelf for quite a long time.

How to Buy Electronics in Lithuania

  1. Make sure that you know what you are looking for:
    1. brand
    2. model
    3. specs
  1. Check the price in one of the price comparison sites:
  1. If you will order online, check:
    1. the delivery options
    2. delivery time
  2. If you will buy from a store, check the store’s website to make sure that:
    1. the price is correct
    2. they have in stock more than one piece 
    3. the location of the store is within your reach